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Hi, welcome to the Century Siege: TD Battle testing family

Welcome to Century Siege: Tower Defense Battles!! Engage in Head-to-Head Battles in which you protect your base against contested lanes of enemies. Find yourself helping legendary leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and Julius Caesar battle against ancient foes of myth and magic! Fight in battlefields such as Rome’s Coliseum and Olympus, while summoning heroes and monsters to siege your opponents! Century Siege: TD Battles™ is a free, head-to-head mobile battle game set in a universe that bends time and reality to create fantastic warfare scenarios. Blurring the line between genres, players will enjoy features such as Base Building, Tower Defense, MOBA Creep mechanics, Skins/Rewards, Upgrades, and more! Open portals with magic crystals to summon legendary warriors and historical leaders of mankind. Invite friends and become a ‘MemberStone’ Holder to receive bonuses in-game! Today is the time to join the Siege. Play now! Features: -Fight Real-Time Battles with users across the Globe -Build your base during these battles with Tower Defense mechanics and resist lanes of enemies -Choose which Legendary General to lead your Siege, each with a unique playing-style and abilities -Select special ‘Rift Creeps’ that will automatically come to your defense! -Rank-Up and receive stronger summons to upgrade! -Complete Quests and receive skins and weapons as rewards! -Become a MemberStone Holder to receive exclusive quests and benefits! -Daily Log-In Rewards! -Use Crystals won from battle to open portals and gain additional forces -Defeat enemy Creeps during battle to receive gold to upgrade your army! - Join with friends to create Guilds and build communities -Strategically construct forces using historical figures such as Genghis Khan, William Wallace, Spartans, Joan of Arc, Rasputin, Ninjas and more -Century Siege™ TV – A battle recording and sharing feature -Century Siege™ News – An in-game messaging feature to explain updates and live events Having technical issues? Contact us at:

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